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Each photograph is a available as a custom print made by Kim Bradshaw of Blakeslee Lane Labs of Baltimore MD.
Prints are available in 11" x 14", 16" x 20" and 16" x 24" formats
in strictly limited editions of 100.

For the technically minded Marcus uses exclusively the
Pentax ZX60 camera. He still prefers film over digital as his preferred medium is the 16x20 or 16x24 format and
Blakeslee Lane does such a great job!!

   Around The World Gallery

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Antalia Turkey

Beach Huts Aruba

Beach Tree Fanning Island 1

Boats Chocco Bucco Chile 27

Cemetery Istanbul 23

Fanning Island Kiribati 36

Fish Tree Cayman Island

Glacier Chile 26

Red Rocks Nevada 33

Seascape 2 Fanning Island 3

Seascape 2 Fanning Island 2

Underwater Seascape 51

Verrazano Bridge


Beach Tree Nassau

Comapss Point Couch Nassau

Comapss Point Jetty 1

Comapss Point Jetty 2

Cottages Nassau

Floating Leaves Cayman

Nassau Garden

Springtime in Charleston

Tree Canopy Cayman

Trinity Church Newport RI

Wave Crashing Cayman

Cayman Beach 5

Cayman Beach 6

Cayman Beach Tree

Jersey Shore

Barn PA

Gas Light Charleston SC

Groynes Marthas Vineyard

Loch Raven 2 MD

Loch Raven MD

Marthas Vineyard

Shadows Providence Rhode Island

St. Pauls Charleston SC

Weather Vane Cayman

To order:

Simply choose a print you like, state the size, then email Marcus with your choice. He will send you a quote and upon your approval will have the print shipped to you.

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