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For orders outside of Bermuda contact Marcus at delivery takes approx. 14 days.

Prints are available in 11" x 14", 16" x 20" and 16" x 24" formats
in strictly limited editions of 100.

For the technically minded Marcus uses exclusively the
Pentax ZX60 camera. He still prefers film over digital as his preferred medium is the 16x20 or 16x24 format and
Blakeslee Lane does such a great job!!

   Bermuda Collection 1

   (Click on Images to enlarge)

3 Church Lane Bermuda

Approaching Storm Bermuda 29

Bermuda Wall

Church Lane 2

Floral Steps Bermuda 53

Grotto Bay 4

Grotto Bay Collection 52

Rectory Lane St Georges Bermuda

Reefs Roof Bermuda 31

Rowe Houose Roof

Stalagmite Grotto Bay

Wall Scape St GeorgesBermuda

Window St Georges Bermuda

Tug Boat in the Cut


To order:

Simply choose a print you like, state the size, then email Marcus with your choice. He will send you a quote and upon your approval will have the print shipped to you.

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