Ridenour Report

by Valerie Ridenour
Key West THE NEWSPAPER                                

My friend Marcus Dagan was in town to show of his finished CD and celebrate, but the
party wasn't to be. A passenger on the ship got too sick for the infirmary to handle and had to be taken away by helicopter. This delayed the Key West stop, limiting it to just over an hour, so the crew stayed on board. Only Marcus, Francois, and I got to celebrate. We'll do it in a few months when Marcus' Bermuda gig has finished.
Marcus Dagan's CD was produced and recorded by Francois Gehin at his Mad Dog Studio. The sound is clean and perfect. You Dagan fans out there already know Marcus uses unusual timing, but that doesn't matter a bit. The important ingredient of Marcus Dagan on stage or on record is his mesmerizing voice. This man's vocals are way beyond sexy.

My favorites from" Alone" are" Where Or When", which has an easy swing beat with very nice sax, bass, and drums, "Music Of the Night" with a recitative approach and a moving interpretation, "When I Fall In Love", and "The First Time Ever I saw Your Face".
I was knocked out by "I'll Forget You", a real tearjerker; laden with emotion. I thank Marcus for recording my song, "Star". Alison Rose Munn from the ship sang an obbligato. She's a doll. I met her. Marek Marzalek's sax playing was wonderful. Francois' bass is always a winner. If you want a copy, visit www.marcusdagan.com , or call me.


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